Furnaces are one of the most common types of heating systems. They distribute heated air throughout the home using a system of ducts to transport this air. Within the furnace a fan distributes this heated air, while simultaneously pulling the cooler hair back through the furnace using return ducts. If this system malfunctions in any way, you could be faced with a very serious dilemma.

Our experienced technician will check a number of different causes that could cause this system to break down.

Outdated Technology

Unfortunately sometimes systems need to be replaced and that’s the nature of most technology. At Service Now, we’ll do our best to make sure that we evaluate all aspects of your heating system to guarantee you’re making the right decision in replacement.

  • Thermostats – Outdated programmable software on your thermostat will limit your control of your furnace causing insufficient heated air flow. Sometimes fixing your system is as simple as getting a new thermostat.
  • Older furnaces – Wear and tear is a constant issue. Our technician will inspect your furnace to find out how efficiently it’s running. The most recent furnaces operate up to 90% efficiency, and older models can only run 75% efficiency.

Improper System Set-Up

In order for a system to work all moving parts must be pointed in the right direction and properly supported.

  • Poor venting – In order for your furnace to expel combustion gasses, which is necessary during the heating process, you need to make sure ventilation is all in its correct place.
  • Faulty ductwork – Ensuring your ducts are insulated will greatly help your system’s performance.

Broken Mechanics 

Instead of completely replacing your furnace sometimes it’s just a matter of replacing some old, broken down parts.

  • Heat Exchangers – If you have a cracked heat exchanger, this could cause safety and efficiency issues.
  • Fan motor, drive belt, and bearings – The mechanics of the furnace will often become old and need to be replaced for the system to function properly.
  • Bad filters & ignition – One of the most common issues for malfunctioning furnaces is dirty filters, or a clogged burner nozzle for the ignition. Homeowners should try to remember to replace filters seasonally.

Heat Pumps

Like an air conditioner or a refrigerator, a heat pump draws out external air and releases it into a conditioned space rather than the surrounding environment. The only difference is that the air moves in the opposite direction, heating it rather than cooling it. Though heating pumps can be pricey, they are three to four times more effective at heating than electric heaters.

Our technicians will give you a full evaluation of your heat pump and look at the following:

  • compressors operating at the right capacity
  • fan motors are keeping the air moving at a comfortable velocity, minimizing cool drafts and the noise
  • desuperheaters are properly recovering waste heat from the cooling mode
  • other mechanics

If you’re looking to install a heat pump, we will help guide you through the buying process to make sure you are getting the right pump for the right price. During installation we will ensure that everything is running up to maximum efficiency.