AC Installation

How do you know if you need a new AC system? There are a lot of people that will tell you certain parts need to be replaced to the point where you seem to be replacing one broken thing after another.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to decide whether or not you need a brand new unit:
  • Are you constantly calling about repairs?
  • Are only certain rooms being cooled off?
  • Does it just turn on and off without you touching it?
  • Is it more than 7 years old?

If the answer to any of these are “yes” then it’s time to start looking at a new AC unit. We understand, it’s such a hassle! But at Service Now, we can design and install a customized air conditioning unit that is right for your home. We will ensure that your new air conditioner unit will not only keep you cool in the hot Louisiana summers, but also be economical and energy efficient.

AC Repair

We have a team of licensed HVAC technicians with the skills and experience to properly diagnose your AC’s system failure and the right tools to be able to fix it!

Here are some common factors we look at:

  • Compressor motor  If your compressor motor is burned out this could cause the entire system to malfunction. A common indicator of this is if noise increases or if it starts to sound different.
  • Refrigerant – People often end up adding more refrigerant to keep it running properly, but nine times out of ten, this is because a leak has occurred. We will find and repair the leak so more refrigerant is not wasted.
  • Ductwork – With leaky ducts, the performance of your AC unit can greatly decrease. Its important for them to be insulated so the system won’t have to work harder to compensate for leakage.
  • Condensate drain – Because your AC unit also removes humidity from the air, the water must drain from the air handler. If the water does not drain from the system then it could result in water damage, as well as a blockage that can automatically turn off the unit.
  • Coils – Coils within the air handler and the outdoor module that are not cleaned every so often can reduce the unit’s performance, resulting in poor airflow and a longer time to cool down the room.
  • Blowers – The blower regulates the airflow by pushing out and pulling in air from the inside to the outside. Issues like bad motors, drive belts, or fans within the blower can cause your system to malfunction.